Here are a few of my favorite projects from recent years. There's a little bit of everything. From branding and websites, to experiential and VR, broadcast TV to an arcade bar. And like all good creatives, I don't update my portfolio nearly enough.

For more STEM-related work, head over to the STEM page. To see some of the latest things I’ve been working on, contact me.

Featured Project

Through The Eyes of a Soldier | U.S. Army

This is one of my favorite projects as it pushed me way outside my comfort zone. Have I ever done 360º video? VR? Been in a skydiving plane? All no. But none of that stopped the team and me from building something new and different for Army recruiting. An up-close and personal look at some unexpected opportunities for Soldiers.

More Work

Chevron: Wins for Kids

Lockheed Martin: USASEF

Environmental, Branding

Branding, Website

U.S. Army: Dew Tour

Lockheed Martin: SXSW

Branding, Environmental

Branding, Packaging

Branding, Website

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