Here are a few of my favorite projects from recent years. There's a little bit of everything. From branding and websites, to experiential and VR, TV to an arcade bar. And like all creatives, I don't update my portfolio nearly enough.

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Featured Project

Roman Bürki Welcome | STL CITY SC

Welcoming one of the world's top goalkeepers to MLS meant going all out for a welcome video. We worked with Roman to give him the presence and swagger that matches his effort on the pitch. Made with the team at CITY in partnership with Miles Gaudet and the Revel Film Company crew.

More Work

STL CITY SC: Bürki & Klauss


Chevron: Wins for Kids with the Astros

Chevron: Soccer Academy with LAFC

Environmental, Branding

Branding, Website

NHRA 360º Experience | U.S. Army

In some sports, fans can only get so close to the action. For the U.S. Army NHRA drag racing team, we created a 360º video experience to show fans what it takes to go racing. This action went on tour to every NHRA event as a VR experience at drag strips across the country.

U.S. Army: Dew Tour

Lockheed Martin: SXSW

Branding, Environmental

LAFC Community Partnership | Chevron

Through the Chevron Soccer Academy and partnerships with LAFC, we're able to make a huge impact in the LA community through the game of soccer. To kids, it looks like a few fun events with MLS pros and a new futsal court. But the real impact is supporting students with STEM and sports education through opportunities not normally found in underserved areas.

Branding, Packaging

Branding, Website

U.S. Army: Through the Eyes of a Soldier

Lockheed Martin: USASEF

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