Let's talk STEM.

Everywhere that I've worked, I have had the absolute pleasure of working on clients and projects in STEM. Which for a lot of creatives, might sound terrible.

For me, I'm all in. Even though I changed my major in college from Biology to Media Studies after my third year, I still have a passion for all things STEM.

An Honor: The late, great Astronaut Al Worden as a guest speaker at our Lockheed Martin event.

Marketing in STEM is tricky. No matter the topic.

Whether it's explaining how stealth technology works on a fighter plane or talking about developing a more nutritious banana in Uganda, STEM is tricky to talk about. The overlap between great communicators and brilliant scientists or engineers is pretty slim. There are only so many characters like Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson or Emily Calandrelli.

The rest of the STEM pros need help translating complex ideas into simple communications. That's where the fun for me begins. Here are a few highlights:

Science for the Danforth Center

Technology for Microsoft

Engineering for Lockheed Martin

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Math for Chevron